Cultural heritage site, stones old building. Foto: Marianne Karlsson

Environmental consideration to cultural heritage

Every year, the Swedish Forest Agency inventories consideration of previously known and registered cultural remains. We carry out the inventory of 400 fellings. This means that we follow up about 1,000 individual ancient monuments or other cultural history remains per year.

We make the inventory three years after felling to see how consideration has been taken both in harvesting and in regeneration measures. Not including newly discovered unregistered cultural remains.

The purpose of the inventory is to:

  • produce statistics on considerations, at country and country level
  • find out why was there an injury, why wasn't there any harm?
  • reconnect results to felling companies or landowners
  • create dialogue and interaction for better consideration.

The survey is included in the Official Statistics of Sweden and has product number JO1406.

  • Last Updated: 12/8/2020