Tallgren med frost i ett vinter landskap

Forest management and climate changes

Welcome to webinar about forestry in a changing climate. It organizes within the framework of the cross border project IMPRESS, and is funded by the Kolarctic CBC program. 

Webinar about forest management and climate changes

Wednesday the 28th of January lectures are going to be digital in English.

Lectures will be held about,

  • Forest management and climate
  • Strategic management objectives for good environmental consideration
  • Did it burn more in the forests of Norrbotten in the past? A millennium-long reconstruction of fire history
  • Forest estimated variables

Please report your participation to maria.johansson@skogsstyrelsen.se, latest date Friday 21th of January.

Webinars starts at 8.30-11.30 Swedish time, 9.30-12.30 Finnish time and 10.30-13.30 Russian time. 

You will receive more information when you have report your participation.



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