Regulation on Deforestation-free products

The EUDR (EU Deforestation-free Regulation) promotes the consumption of deforestation-free products and reducing EU impact on global deforestation and forest degradation. The regulation is expected to lower greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss.

In Sweden, the Swedish Forest Agency is the competent authority responsible for the implementation of the regulation ((EU) 2023/1115). The regulation enters into application on 30 December 2024 and on 30 June 2025 for micro- and small enterprises. 

The regulation applies to seven commodities: soy, cattle, oil palm, wood, cocoa, coffee, and natural rubber. The regulation applies only to products listed in Annex I of the regulation (2023/1115). 

Anyone, operator or trader, who places, imports or trades relevant products within the EU:s internal market or exports them from the union in the course of commercial activity is subject to the regulation.

Relevant commodities and products shall not be placed or made available on the market or exported unless the following conditions are met:

  • They are deforestation-free
  • They have been produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production
  • They are covered by a due diligence statement

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