Statistical Database

The Statistical database is free of charge. It contains official statistics from Swedish Forest Agency. The statistics cover many subject areas, and often long time series. The part called "Other statistics" contains statistics which are not official statistics.

Instruction PXWeb

To make it easier for you to get started using PxWeb, here are a few simple instructions. We also recommend that you try it yourself. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

Produce a table by selecting the subject and variables

  1. Start by selecting "The Swedish Forest Agency's statistical database" or "SKA22", depending on which database you are visiting.
  2. Next, select the subject area.
  3. Then select Table.
  4. Now it's time to choose which variables in the table you want to take part in. You can select individual values for a variable or choose to include all values.
  5. When you have finished selecting, press the Continue button. Now you have created your table.
    Scroll up and down or right and left to see all the values.
    If the table contains more than 1,000 rows or more than 100 columns, it has been cropped. If you save the table in, for example, Excel, all your selected values will be included.

Create and save in different formats

Under the headings to the left of the table are additional information and possibilities. Here is a brief summary of the content. But we recommend that you go on a journey of discovery yourself in the program. Click on the different options and try creating different formats. Then you will quickly learn how it works.

About the table

Here you will find, among other things, contact information, source and latest update.

View results 

You can display your table in several different formats and also as charts. The formats available can be found here. Note that if you have selected a lot of values, it is usually not possible to create a chart. Then you must go back and see if you can reduce the number of values and then create a chart again. Sometimes you must try and change several times before you're satisfied.

Change and calculate

Under this heading are several ways to change the table. The most useful thing is usually to pivot. This means that you can reorder table and column headers.

Save results

You can easily save your table and there are several different file formats to choose from. This is especially useful if you want to continue to do processing in, for example, Excel or any other program that you have.

Save your search

Maybe you know that you will want to get back to the exact same table that you have created. Then you use the save search function. You can save down in different ways, perhaps as it looks on the screen or in Excel. You can also choose whether you want the table to update automatically when it is updated. After you select the format, a link is created that you can use in, for example, a report or on a web page.


Directly below the table you will find footnotes. Some can be found directly under the table and others under the heading "Footnotes".

Make this table available in your application

Last but not least, you have the option to save your table as an API query. Url link and JSON query are displayed when you click here.

Reference to the statistical database

Copy the link to the statistical database.

Or write the following if you need to add the reference to a printed report:

Swedish Forest Agency (year). Statistical database. [year-month-day]

You can also reference a specific table by copying the link to the table, for example:

Swedish Forest Agency (year). Statistical database. Link to the table you have selected.

Enter the year or date when you retrieved the data from the statistical database

Technical description

The publication is based on the PX-Web application. The Swedish Forest Agency uses the program under license from Statistics Sweden. The basic idea is that we manufacture large so-called PX files that are posted on the Internet and then PX-Web creates a content directory and provides withdrawal possibilities. The program is used by several statistical offices and some authorities/municipalities in Sweden.