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EU Timber Regulation

The EUTR (EU Timber Regulation) prohibits trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products from such timber to and within the EU.

In Sweden, the Swedish Forest Agency is the competent authority that is responsible for the application of the Regulation.

The Regulation applies to both imported and Swedish products.

Anyone placing timber or timber products on the EU market for the first time is an operator and must therefore comply with the requirements of the Regulation. This means that both importers and buyers of Swedish forest must comply with the provisions of the Regulation.

Traders who sell products that already have been imported must be able to specify from whom they have bought the products and to whom they have supplied the products.

The Timber Regulation applies to imports from countries outside the EU. The EEA countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are in this case considered as EU countries. If you import products from any of these countries, you are not counted as an importer under the Timber Regulation.

Products covered by the EUTR are listed in the Annex of the Regulation.

  • Last Updated: 6/15/2022