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WAMBAF is short for Water Management in Baltic Forests. In WAMBAF Tool Box, we aimed to reduce the export of nutrients and methyl mercury to the waters of the Baltic Sea Region. The project was active between 2019 and 2021.

WAMBAF Tool Box was a joint project between public authorities, non-governmental organizations, forest enterprises and research organizations from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Poland. 

Together we dealt with challenges connected to forestry operations carried out along streams, as well as the impact of beaver dams. The project implemented solutions to reduce the inflow of nutrients and methyl mercury to the regional and coastal waters of the Baltic Sea Region. If forestry is not performed in the best possible way, nutrients and methyl mercury can be exported from forests to streams, lakes and the Baltic Sea. This can lead to eutrophication, decreased biodiversity and to poisonous levels of mercury in fish. 

WAMBAF Tool Box wanted to involve and reach forest enterprises, land owners, authorities and hunters. Increased knowledge among these stakeholders about the new tools developed in the project have the potential to improve the water quality in the region.

Explore the tools

The aim of the project was to upscale and adapt the tools that were developed in the previous WAMBAF project, and to implement the tools to a wider target group. The tool boxes include films, planning tools, guidelines and a beaver handbook. Learn more about each tool by exploring the tool boxes.

  • Last Updated: 4/8/2024