Pine cone. Foto: Michael Ekstrand

Our task

The state of Sweden’s forests is the foundation for our goal to attain the objectives outlined in the forest policy.

We have a variety of tools to help us meet the goals of the forest policy, such as provision of advice and information, routine controls to monitor the compliance of statutory requirements, and administering subsidies to forest owners.

We have many years of experience and high level of knowledge in the field of silviculture, and can help forest owners plan forest operations. We even hold courses and publish books and pamphlets on forests and forestry (these are available for purchase in our web shop).

We also aim to increase general knowledge on all the benefits our forest ecosystems provide, and the important role of natural environments for recreation and public health. 

A large part of our operations are financed through state funds and the national budget, though some services and products carry a fee.

  • Last Updated: 4/5/2017